Viridor’s environmental monitoring


Environmental monitoring in the waste management and recycling industry has been a paper-based process for a long time. The demand to capture data digitally has been growing but it’s only recently that monitoring using mobile technology has become both practical and affordable.

In addition, waste management and environmental companies require faster and more accurate methods of collecting field data to comply with environmental

The challenge

Viridor operates over 320 facilities across the UK including 39 landfill sites which require intensive environmental monitoring. In accordance with environmental permits from the Environment Agency (EA), the company routinely monitors a number of factors at its facilities. This includes the quantitative measurement of the level and quality of groundwater, surface water and leachate as well as surface emissions (such as hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulphide). In addition, the external environment beyond the boundary of the sites is measured qualitatively which includes litter, noise, odour, flies and dust.

Regulations as well as save time, money and minimise errors.

Environmental monitoring specialist enitial has worked with Viridor, one of the UK’s leading resource management and recycling companies, to implement a digital field data collection system called enidata to improve the accuracy of recordings at its facilities.

Within the industry, such data used to be manually recorded
in a notebook and transferred to a spreadsheet at a later
stage. This can result in transcription errors which meant
either erroneous readings were supplied to the Environment Agency or they had to be taken again. Viridor was keen to develop new methods of data collection to reduce transcription errors and introduce real-time data validation in the field in order improve the quality and efficiency of its environmental data. This solution has been transferred from landfill monitoring across Viridor’s portfolio of hard build infrastructure including anaerobic digestion plants and In-Vessel Composting facilities.

The solution

enitial worked with Viridor to develop enidata, a PDA-based electronic data capture device with modules for monitoring groundwater, surface water, leachate, surface emissions and the impact of its facilities.

The unique and user-friendly PDA-based data collection system, can record a number of variables such as water levels, temperature, pH and electrical conductivity as well as logging additional comments if boreholes at its landfill sites are blocked or need repairs. There are also a variety of modules to support field infrastructure audits and site inspections.