Ecology and Land Management

enitial now offer a variety of specialist ecological and land management contracting services throughout the UK. We pride ourselves in carrying out high quality work at cost effective prices.

Ecological services include:

• Habitat and species surveys
• Mitigation and translocation of protected species
• Invasive plant species surveys and eradication
• Habitat management plans, aquatic and terrestrial habitat creation, enhancement & maintenance
• Wildlife fencing solutions
• Installation of badger exclusion gates
• Inspection of badger setts and gates
• Vegetation Management including herbicide application, strimming & scrub clearance
• Implementation and maintenance of safe walking routes

Baseline Ecological Surveys

Want to know what’s on your site and how to deal with it? We can carry out a baseline ecological survey. enitial will identify species present on your site, highlight what issues may arise from these and how to legally manage them. We can help programme your works to avoid costly delays and ensure you stay within budget. All field work is completed using bespoke mobile applications thus producing results with full time and GPS tractability.

Invasive Plant Species Surveys

We can survey your site for invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam, Rhododendron Ponticum and New Zealand Pygmyweed. Our reporting system allows for GPS to pinpoint exact locations of any problem species. We will provide current advice on how to best manage and control any species found.

Habitat Management

Following the establishment of mitigatory features such as ponds, wetland and grassland habitats seasonal vegetation management is required to ensure they are fit for purpose for the inhabiting species. enitial can employ a wealth of experience to ensure the ecosystem equilibrium is maintained while ensuring native populations are not disturbed.

If you would like more information regarding enitial’s range of ecological surveys please contact Mark: 0758444850