Contaminated Land Services

Contaminated Land Technician

Catering for all your contaminated land monitoring needs, we at enitial pride ourselves on adding value to our services by aiming to understand our client’s objectives and providing precise and reliable environmental data. Whether it’s large or small scale site investigation, we aim to provide a quality, independent service at competitive prices using our network of experienced contaminated land field technicians, across the UK.

The Contaminated Land team is led by Phil Sanders, Phil started his career at enitial as an environmental technician and quickly progressed into technical coordination and project management roles. His key project to date was his involvement in the 3 year 2012 Olympic Park development project. Phil was heavily involved with the development of the groundwater monitoring programme and as a result he became a main point of contact for the principal contractors across the site when they needed advice on any groundwater related issues. Prior to his full time involvement with the Olympic Park monitoring work Phil had responsibility for managing enitial’s monitoring equipment, ensuring it was in good working order and that it was externally calibrated in line with enitial’s ISO 9001 quality management system.

Our Contaminated Land day rates incorporate equipment costs, all of which is owned by enitial, removing the need for expensive hire costs. enitial can undertake a broad variety of environmental monitoring including, but not limited to, the following:

-Groundwater monitoring and sampling using various pumping techniques including inertial pumps and low flow

-Ground gas and VOC monitoring and sampling using the latest equipment including infrared analysers, PIDs

-Aquifer testing including slug testing, rising/falling head tests and pumping tests

-Long term level logging including pressure transducers

-Water quality analysis using single/multi-parameter analysers and flow through cells

-Internal Space surveys using the latest TDL and FID equipment and software.

-Oil skimming aiding the remediation of oil from boreholes

If you would like more information about our contaminated land services, please contact Phil by completing the form below.