Aftercare and Projects

enitial have a wealth of experience in projects involving design, installation and aftercare of landfill gas and leachate control systems. We provide on-site installation and maintenance of landfill gas and leachate control infrastructure throughout the UK and Ireland including the entire installation package of drilling, excavation, civil engineering, pipe work installation and bespoke fabrications. Although most contemporary landfill sites in the UK have had gas extraction systems installed, many of these require regular repair, replacement or expansion. In addition a significant number of the older sites still have requirements for gas control systems, often determined as a result of gas pumping trials. Not only is the full range of experienced resource available in-house, but also we operate the systems that we install.

The management of leachate at landfill sites is required so as to prevent pollution of the environment through contamination of surface or ground waters. The method of leachate management is generally through maintaining a a maximum liquid level within the waste mass through pumping leachate, the leachate pumped must then be treated and disposed of in a reasonable manner. There are many components and options relating to leachate management, from the different types of pumps suitable for use in landfill leachate through to the varying types of on site treatment or off site disposal. Our experienced engineers are certified in butt fusion and electro fusion techniques and are ideally placed to attend sites to diagnose and repair faults to environmental control systems. We can advise of improvements that can be made to landfill gas and leachate control equipment and systems.

For more information regarding enitial aftercare and project services please contact James Lloyd