AmbiSense’s solar powered gas monitoring system

In 2016 enitial launched a partnership with an Irish company, AmbiSense to supply their gas monitoring system to the UK market. The new addition to enitial’s environmental monitoring services expands our offering of field measurements services for gas or water pollution.

AmbiSense’s solar powered, continuous gas monitoring system is suitable for permanent deployment at any location and is designed to analyse gas and air quality levels across a range of customer applications and markets including. Further development has seen the integration of barometric level loggers, flow meters and multiparameter probes for water quality testing.

Complete Continuous Monitoring

AmbiSense’s solar powered, continuous gas monitoring system

The AmbiSense gas monitoring system requires no operator involvement and provides real-time accurate data, integrated with Google Maps and is accessible on any device. AmbiSense’s software interface means users can login anywhere and is mobile, tablet and PC ready.

Users can build large, useful datasets quickly and cost-effectively.

This remote sensing technology reduces environmental monitoring costs as well as the risks of environmental pollution with the option to set alert and action trigger levels. AmbiSense will help you to maximise gas yield and improve the profitability of your existing gas utilisation plant thanks to the improved understanding of gas potential that AmbiSense’s reports provide.



AmbiSense gas monitor

GasfluX monitor


If you would like any more information about AmbiSense remote sensing technology including hire an quotes, please contact Leo Phillips at enitial: