enitial odour assessment case study

The Challenge

enitial has been working with Viridor  to undertake odour assessments in order to meet regulatory requirements and to help identify and mitigate any potential adverse effects that may arise from their operations.

Additional odour management services are offered at four IVC facilities in relation to the maintenance and functional testing of biofilter systems to abate odorous emissions.

Biofilter abatement systems are notoriously hard to optimise due to variations in their input flow rates, exhaust gas retention times, temperature, moisture and pH.  Monitoring and maintenance of all these parameters needs to be undertaken regularly and effectively if the biofilter is to operate efficiently. Electrical and electronic parts (interface communications to the control unit, cables and electric panels), structural components (fans, valves, designs of ducting systems and biofilter units, feeding systems and irrigations systems) also need to be kept in good operating condition.

The Solution

enitial works with Viridor in addressing the three key requirements – odour monitoring, biofilter maintenance and functional testing of biofilter systems.

Viridor assessed the waste materials being processed at each facility to identify their potential odour characteristics. Once this had been determined, a systematic monitoring plan was developed. The information gathered shows trends over a period of time caused by changes in the type of materials, process conditions and weather conditions, including seasonal changes.

enitial employs a team of field specialists and experienced professionals to schedule, manage and deliver environmental sampling services and carry out data reporting. This also includes the coordination of laboratory service providers and liaison with land owners.

enitial’s monitoring and engineering divisions have developed a service to assess, maintain and optimise the efficiency of biofilter systems. This includes assessing the biofilter, the efficiency of the dosing and water systems, testing emissions and measuring odours as well as testing, repairing and replacing other components such as temperature probes, water pumps, air fans, control panels and flow measurement devices. Each component is taken into consideration and the whole system is stripped down into sections to investigate possible faults. Environmental measurements such as odour concentrations are recorded before, during and at the end of the work to ensure that the optimisation of the biofilter system is effective.