Electronic data solutions

enitial provide a number of electronic field data capture systems based on PDA or tablet hardware. The solutions involve full audit trail through GPS coordinates and temporal logging, laboratory interface for chains of custody, data management and reporting, along with web based data access.

With field monitoring moving to the digital age enitial applied their wealth of experience to produce innovative electronic field data collection software. This product has subsequently evolved to provide bespoke field data catchment and factual reporting to a host of utility companies, waste operators, local authorities and the aggregates industry. This two-stage application has two main elements, filed data catchment and web portal based analytical tools.http://enitial.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/eni-google-play.jpg Working in unison, these two applications function to provide bespoke, end-to-end data catchment and management.

Applications are specifically developed for field data collection and subsequent analysis; it has been created by data specialists for data specialists. With first hand experience of the reoccurring issues facing the gathering of sensitive field data, enitial set out to develop an intuitive software that caters for both the all-weather requirements of field technicians, and also the data catchment and assimilation sought by specialist analysts.

Developed as a multi-platform application it operates with most tablets or smart phones running the Android operating system, the field data collection application has recently been released on the google play store.

enidatamapApplications and sister programs (developed specifically for individual clients or projects) improve efficiency, eliminating the possibility of transcription errors and dramatically reducing inaccurate readings. Live self-validation functionality allows technicians to check historic trends and thresholds on site to ensure inaccurate readings are minimised.  The system exemplifies traceability by automatically recording date, time and GPS location for all monitoring and sampling activities, thus increasing the accountability of data. Data locations are all recorded in a kmz file which is executable in google earth, this then produces the below report detailing where any field data or photos were taken.

With enitial data platforms operating a virtual backend analyst’s have access to field data within seconds of a technician uploading their data from the field.  By logging in through an internet portal analysts can work remotely running reports on multi parameter analysis. With laboratory results uploaded directly to the server reporting can commence immediately.


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