enitial provide monitoring services to FCC


Environmental monitoring specialist enitial has delivered a number of supplementary monitoring projects for leading recycling and waste management company FCC Environment’s landfill sites since 2012. enitial also helped FCC Environment train its new technicians when the company created an environmental monitoring team after outsourcing this work for many years

The challenge

enitial provides a considerable range of additional monitoring services and consultancy work to FCC Environment at over 70 of its landfill sites including the following:

• Perimeter gas monitoring

• Groundwater monitoring

• Surface water monitoring

• Leachate monitoring

• Occupational and environmental bioaerosol monitoring

• Phase 1 and 2 surface emissions surveys

• Emissions surveys using Best Available Technology TDL500 monitors

• Annual site reviews

• Landfill gas pumping trials

• Landfill gas and leachate control system installations and subsequent servicingThe array and volume of work carried out by enitial has generated more than 50 contacts at FCC Environment with their own priorities, responsibilities and enquiries.

The solution

A dedicated account manager at enitial acts as the single point of contact to respond quickly to any enquiries from FCC Environment and ensure the efficient delivery of projects as specified. Each account manager at enitial is experienced in environmental monitoring and managing both closed and operational landfill sites, enabling them to provide technical support for FCC Environment.

The geographic spread of enitial’s technicians ensures that FCC Environment receives an extremely competitive monitoring day rate for any site in the UK as well as accurate and reliable data. enitial’s data analysts submit high quality data within set timescales to help FCC Environment satisfy the terms of its environmental permits.

FCC Environment can call upon the technical support and expertise of enitial when its team of environment managers requires cost-effective supplementary monitoring and consultancy work. enitial’s account managers ensure that projects are completed on time and to a high standard, ensuring that FCC Environment’s landfill sites remain compliant with standards set by the Environment Agency.